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Wylie Dufresne and Gadi Peleg weren’t exactly destined to be restaurant partners. They grew up going to rival schools on opposite ends of Manhattan (Wylie downtown, Gadi uptown) and from there they headed off on two very different paths—Wylie to hone his skills in French restaurants and capture the world’s attention at wd-50, and Gadi to focus on artisanal breads and pastries and open Breads Bakery, one of the city’s most beloved bakeries. Chance brought them together: Wylie lives around the corner from Gadi’s original bakery in Union Square, and after enough visits, a conversation ensued between two New York City kids about the magic of New York pizza—and what they could do with it together. Now the unlikely duo have opened Stretch, a Flatiron District pizzeria with a fun new approach to America’s favorite food.

The restaurant stays true to what pizza fans love about New York-style pies—the crunch and the chew of the crust, the classic red sauce, the cheese pull—but the menu stretches far beyond the standards. While one table shares a Caesar salad, some pepperoni pies and IPAs on draft, another dives into chickpea fries, a mushroom and muenster pizza inspired by a sandwich from the Old Town Bar, and soft serve with a pretzel shell. All pizzas are 12 inches, a break from tradition but one that gives everyone a chance to indulge in more than one slice. On tap at the bar: beer, of course, but also Lambrusco and sparkling Negronis, along with a rotating list of craft cocktails. Stretch is open for lunch and dinner seven nights a week.